Patent provisional and complete specification

Patent is an exclusive rights given to the patentee for disclosure of his invention. These exclusive rights are right to exploit the invention commercially and free from any disturbance, he/she also has the right to sue for any infringement. Without patent an invention can’t get protection under the law, it is important to patent an invention and there is a certain process in order to get patented. The patent process starts with a procedure of submitting an application, but the application which is submitted should have either provisional or complete specification.

In order to disclose the invention, the inventor need to represent the function and other requirement as to understand about the invention in a document form called patent specification. It can be done with or without provisional specification, but an application must have complete specification.

The reason for a provisional specification are thar the inventor has been working on an invention or is about to complete, in order to fix the prior date he need to submit an provisional specification later he can submit the complete specification with a detailed and well drafted document.

The provisional specification is a choice for the inventor he can go with or without provisional specification, but if he is going without provisional specification he must submit the complete specification else he would lose his rights to the invention if someone else files patent with provisional specification before he/she files for complete specification. Basically provisional is like a reservation and an outline for the complete specification.