What is DPIN?

  • DPIN stands for designated partner identification number.
  • What are the documents required for obtaining DPIN?

Following are the list of documents required in order to apply for DPIN

  • High resolution photograph of the applicant.
  • Twice Self attested and certified Photograph affixed on a plain paper.
  • Attested Proof of identity.
  • Attested Proof of residence.

Whether we need to have DSC for obtaining DPIN?

  • Yes, DPIN is online application to be signed by the applicant himself and therefore for applying the DPIN, DSC i.e signature of the applicant is required.

How much times it takes to get the DPIN approved?

  • It takes at least 3- 4 days to get the DPIN approved from the time the application filed along with required documents are provided.