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Trademark Registration


I got my private limited company registration and trademark registration done from Company360. They are just amazing when it comes to service very responsive and always available to resolve my queries. I would definitely recommend them for legal registrations. Keep up the good work!

Rishabh Awasti

"They helped me getting my company registered "Chefkart Hospitality Pvt. Ltd." Overall i found company360 to be extremely helpful and professional. They explained me the process clearly and advised me to open a pvt ltd. after understanding the nature of our work. The way everything was handled was completely flawless and everything was done in a week's time. This company is ideal for people who are starting up. Will definitely recommend them to everyone."

Arpit Gupta

" It was an absolute pleasure to work with Company360. The trademark application objection replied in perfect manner. Do try the professional services for all of your trademark related worries."

Rahul Singh

" A very hassle free experience, working with Company 360. I got a section 8 company registration done through them, and found them professional, responsive, and the owner Ms. Anu gives genuine advice. Highly Recommended!"

Amrita Tirkey

We applied for trademark thru Company 360. Very profession company. Good luck.



Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
I approached them for copyright of my book. The response was quick. Everything was explained over phone, all documents prepared and the application was submitted same day. All communications made over phone and email with amazing ease and convenience. Hugely appreciate the promptness and professionalism of their team.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Excellent service led by Mrs Anu. Copyright taken for book. Thanks Company 360 for such experience

Mahaavir Kantura

Hi..Its a Great experience to work with company 360.in ..i have applied for two trademarks and also suggested to one of my friends ..All has been accepted.. Really Thankful to 360 Team..tux

Mukesh Nagal

Great work by company and solve my problem in trade mark immediately so i'm thankful

Mohd Imran

Have been consulting them for Trademarks and other legal services for a while and they are top notch by far. People maintain quality for few years before settling in and then they get cold, but Company 360 are working with same zeal and excitement for so many years.
They are professional, disciplined, keeps you updated, are cautious & concerned for every bit of the work they do.
After dealing with them multiple times I can assure you, if you are reaching them for any professional or legal service, rest assured 'coz you are dealing with great professionals.
Thanks for your services Anu and Team.

Nagesh Kumar

Really I fell in love with Company360. I have tried many other companies to approve my objected trademark then I came to Company360 & took another chance and really they approved my brand quickly within 1 day from the submitted date. I recommend it to all who really want to register their brand without any issue. Thank you Company360, I glad to receive your excelled service

Prabhjot Singh




Trademark Registration in India

What is Trademark Registration

A Trademark is an important Intellectual property right. It identifies or distinguishes you from the others.
Trademark can be a name, logo, shape, trade dress, sound and smell, basically anything which identifies the source of
origin for goods or services. Trademark may be defined as any mark which is used in relation to goods for the purpose
of indicating, or so as to indicate a connection in the course of trade between goods and some person having the right
as proprietor to use that mark.

In layman’s term Trademark is also known as Brand name registration. Trademark registration in India has now
become very important as many online buyers and sellers websites such as Amazon, flipkart , snapdeal has made
it mandatory to register of any account shall have a trademark application filed in India. Apart from this
Trademark has now made mandatory for filing of liquor license and as well as medicines print labels.

What is the function of Registered Trademark?

The function of a registered trade mark is to give an indication to the purchaser or a possible purchaser:

  1. As to the manufacture or quality of the goods.
  2. Trade source from which the goods come.
  3. The trade hands through which they pass on their way to the market.

Requirements of Trademark registration

It is an important to collect the below listed information which would be required for filing the Trademark Application
form for trademark registration.

  1. Name of the Applicant – Applicant is basically any person or legal entity that claims the ownership of the Trademark
    applied, A trademark can be applied by anyone be it individual/company/proprietor/NGO/ Trust/Hindu-undivided
    family/proprietorship firm/trust/partnership or Limited liability partnership. In case of joint applicants/partnership
    details of all the applicants/ partners.
  2. Address of Applicant(s) filing the application.
  3. Nature of the entity filing the application (individual/proprietor/partnership firm/ company/ HUF/ LLC).
  4. Nature of products/services for which the logo/ mark is used- try to be as specific as possible. Products and services
    specified decides the category of the Trademark application.
  5. Nature of your business (Manufacturer/ Trader/ Service provider).
  6. If the mark is already in use then the approximate date since when the mark has been in used in India.
  7. If the trademark has already been used , this use must be supported by supporting documents that can be invoices havin
    the trademark name, website details, marketing listings, pamphlets, new paper advertisements etc. basically any document that
    has the brand name or trademark details along with date is applicable and admissible proof.
  8. A copy of the mark/logo (preferably soft copy) for which trademark is sought.
  9. A signed Power of Attorney or Letter of authorization (Form TM-M-Previously known as TM-48) on Stamp Paper in favour of
    the Trademark Agent/ Advocate.
  1. – To check your trademark category please check our deatailed
    Trademark Class Details
    page. (With Company360 we will search & suggestappropriate class for your product/service.)

Benefits of Trademark registration

  • It distinguishes you with others.
  • Trademark develops as your brand .
  • It markets your goods/services.
  • It makes easy for your customers to identify you.
  • A registered trademark gives you a legal right where you can protect your goodwill from free-riding. A registered Trademark
    is also protected by various online portals such as Amazon and Flipkart they have a special system to identify the trademark
    known as brand registry through which you may register your trademark on their portal and stop your knock off competitors.
    This boosts your sale online and also creates a good consumer base.
  • A trademark is not just a mark it is a valuable asset. Brand value is most important asset for any company, it adds
    up company’s valuation and sales.

Process of Trademark Registration in India

Step 1: Filing of an Application

Step 2: Examination of the Application

Step 3: Publication of the Application

Step 3.1: Opposition by Third Party (if that happens). Trademark opposition is not Trademark objection and has completely different process. You may refer details about Trademark opposition here

Step 4: Trademark Hearing before Registrar

Step 5: Registration of Trademark

Trademark registration process has been changed a lot after the introduction of new trademark rules 2017 by the government
of India. Quick summary of these changes the new rules have distinguished the applicant into three main categories:

  1. Individual/sole proprietorship
  2. SME/Startup
  3. Body corporate

Not only we have three applicant types but fees and requirements for each of the categories has also been changed, now the
Government fees for Trademark application i.e TM-A is Rs 4500 in case of Individual/sole proprietorship and SME/Startup and
Rs 9000 for Body corporates- be it LLP, Partnership firm , Private limited Company or One person Company or NGO/Trust etc.

In case you are a new company and want to file Trademark application on your company’s name, you may now have to shell out
Rs 9000 from your pocket apart from the professional fees.

In order to save this money, you may try to get your company register under start-up scheme or MSME Registration. Learn
how you can save this money with expert post on Udyog Aadhar the Udyog Adhaar is also known as MSME certificate and
UDYAM Adhaar. Please note there is no Government fees for registration of MSME certificate or udyog adhaar.


  • Trademark Search Report
  • Trademark Application Filing.
  • Timely updates, No hidden cost

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  • Trademark Search Report
  • Logo Design (3 variations and 3 iterations for Rs.1500)
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, for Trademark registration we only need Name, address, date of use or Logo (if any) for Trademark filing.

1. At least one document to show use of the subject trademark on earliest date for commencement of use 2. Domain registration and renewal receipt, if any 3. Other registration documents with govt. or local authorities e.g. a. Municipality b. Tax authority c. Any other govt. authority 4. News articles/awards/recognitions 5. Invoices issued by us for any services (preferably 2-3 from each/alternate months of each year) 6. Invoices or Receipts issued to us for any goods/services 7. Advertising material and expenses, if any 8. Income tax return filings 9. CA certificate to show revenue of the goods/services with the subject trademark till date for each financial year in table format 10. Any other documentary evidences for the commencement of use of the mark in business connection

Yes, you can register on various online portals, with your Trademark application number and Trademark filing receipt.

Your Trademark application will be filed within 1 day from date of receipt of documents. However, Trademark registration may take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years to register depending upon the Trademark objection raised (if any).

It is advisable for any individual or company to select a Trademark that only gets quickly registered but also is safe in long run. One must try to opt for a name as trademark i.e coined, unique , non-dictionary word. For example, GOOGLE, SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK etc. all these brands do not have any meaning or relation with any service they provide. Such names makes good trademark and safe marks that can be protected easily not just in one country but many countries.

No, we at copany360.in do not charge for conducting Trademark search.

As, Trademark search is very crucial for swift Brand registration and many people do not conduct phonetic search, it is always advisable to take professional help for conducting Trademark search before opting for Trademark filing.

Once you send us the signed documents, we at company360 provide you with Trademark acknowledgment same day.

Yes, now its is advisable to register your Trademark before listing it to any online portal.

You are required to give them Trademark acknowledgment receipt along with E-register copy.

This is a key thing to keep in mind before filing any Trademark application in India, in case you are registering a brand name on any online portal, it is important to given exact word by word same details as given on your GST registration in order to avoid such conflict. In case you have made some mistake, you may proceed to file TM-M form so that you may change the details in your Trademark application.

No, in case you are an online seller, it is better to register logo separately and brand name separately. As amzon seller registration puts brand name as it is as filed in Trademark application.

No, you don't need Trademark registration for applying food license.

It is recommended but not necessary to register a Trademark before registering your brand on these online platforms as it will help you save your brand from being copied by your competitors and on the basis of your trademark application number, you can ask these online platforms to take action against the person or company misusing your brand name.

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