Company360 is glad to be a chosen partner with InstaOffice. InstaOffice is the fastest growing network of office solutions in India for start-ups and entrepreneurs alike. This partnership will help the Company360 member clients a one stop solution for office spaces and virtual offices which is often required by start-ups, entrepreneurs, MNC’s and sometimes even foreign nationals for incorporations and other legal registrations in India.

InstaOffice has a PAN India presence with office spaces and business centres across 5 cities and 15 locations. InstaOffice is not only a co-working space provider but is an exceptional place to network and grow with other Up-and-coming and establish start-ups. It provides a fully functional office space to each individual as well as for groups along with board room facility, basic amenities and support, easing the lives of budding entrepreneurs.

Company360 is now an official partner of InstaOffice as a legal service provider for all the InstaOffice members across India at discounted prices and exclusive service. InstaOffice members can fill a simple form and get started.

InstaOffice Comapny360 partnership

Company360 provides complete range of services in the field of legal registrations India and abroad such as Company registration, Trademark, Copyright and Patent.

Each of the services provided is monitored by established and experienced lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, In -house Patent Attorney’s and Scientific Advisors (for Patents).

Every startup owner in their initial days of business needs at least three things to start their entrepreneurial journey mainly Company registration, Trademark and Legal Contracts.

Every Business is formalised with Company registration, Company360 not only helps you to register a company, but also enables you to select the relevant type of business registration be it Private limited, LLP or OPC. As each start-up have its own requirements, aim and market.

Each of the Company Registration comes with different set of yearly or monthly Compliances which every start-up has to proactively follow, ranging from Annual filings, ITR, GST etc.

Other than Company registration and compliances, Start-ups can never negate the importance of brand building which starts with single step of Trademark registration.
Trademark registration might sound simple, but selection of correct brand name in tune with Trademark laws is vital to safeguard the Brand in the long run.

For example, whenever a start-up think of selecting a name, they intent to select a name that signify or explain their object or work which is good for business purpose however not a good choice as per Trademark law. Learn more about it with this popular case study on Trademark Search

For better understanding about the do’s and don’t of Trademark selection you can refer our expert post on Trademark Registration without Objection

During the initial stages of a start-up it requires basic set of legal contracts ranging from NDA, vendor agreements, website terms and conditions, employment contracts etc. Generally people think that such agreements are not important but even your legal disclaimers and agreement from day one, mark your liability and business risks and hence, must not be taken for granted. Company360 team provides you a comprehensive requirement in terms of documentation and handles the deliverables on its own.

Company360 team is cost effective, learned and pro-active to its customers need and is always a call away. Avail your discounted prices as InstaOffice member with