DVAT registration Keriwal Delhi Goverment mseva application

Delhi Kejriwal’s government has gone a step ahead to ensure the comfort for businessmen and ensure ease of business. It is a welcoming step that Delhi government has launched Delhi VAT registration APP. The App is named as DVAT M SEWA APP.

This APP is produced in line of DVATBILL Application which was has already garnered more than 500 votes.

The DVATBILL APP is easy to register less time consuming and has clean concise design. It is actually an easy to use app.

DVAT registration Keriwal Delhi Goverment mseva application

However, DVAT M SEWA APP is yet to be launched on playstore, as we tried to find and locate it but no result has been found as of now.

A lot of key features have been well spoken out during the launch of DVAT M SEWA app. That it is easy to use and the user can himself easily register his VAT. Moreover, it also claims that the Delhi VAT (DVAT) Registration will be affected in 24 hours. In case this claim stands true it will be commendable job.

The DVAT M SEWA is likely to be very successful as we are assuming it to as easy as DVAT BILL app already launched and available.

It is stated that now, VAT inspector’s visit at traders’ business premises will not be required, instead the VAT applicant now only have to upload a picture of their business premises through the app only. And DS2, Form 2 can also be filed through DVAT M SEWA App.

In case this process seems to be free from errors it will definitely be boon for the businessman and will also decrease the known corruption involved and generally faced by applicant while affecting the process of DVAT registration.

Over 40,000 DVAT applications are estimated to be pending and it is evident that most of the people take help of professionals to get their VAT registration done. As till date it’s a mammoth task.

The government states that it has made requisite form filing easy and ensures the issuance of VAT certificate and final TIN number easily.