How much time it takes for trademark, patent, copyright, design and company registration

Learn in this expert post how much time it takes for various intellectual property rights and company registrations takes in India. Understand various factors that could impact your registration timelines. In this post we will cover Trademark Registration, Patent Registration, Copyright Registration, Design Registration and Company Registration timelines for India.

How much time it takes for Trademark Registration in India:

Trademark Registration in India depends on various factors, such as issuance of Trademark objection or filing of third party opposition etc. if everything goes well it takes around min of 7 months and max of 9 months to secure the Trademark certificate. In case any hindrances like objection, opposition comes, it may extents further 18 months or more. Hence a trademark can be registered minimum of 7 months and maximum of 30 months from date of filing of trademark application.

How much time it takes for Patent Registration in India:

As far as patent registration in India is concerned, it takes minimum of 3 years to 5 years. However the registration time also depends on the earlier action of the applicant on the matter, which may expedite patent registration procedure, such as filing for request for early publication, examination, reply to the report before time etc. further the registration process is also proportionate to the opposition filing by the third party either in pre or post grant oppositions. Also it has been noticed that in case the applicant already have a priority date or patents granted in other countries, it also sometimes helps in reduction of registration process time during process of examination of patent.

For the registration of the copyright it takes min of 3-5 months in case no discrepancies are found. In case any discrepancy or opposition has been made it takes around 6 months or more than a 1 year. So on average we can get copyright registered anywhere between 3 months to 15 months.

How much time it takes for Design registration Registration in India:

For Design registration, in case there exists no pre-grant opposition or anything to delay process by the third party, we may secure the design certificate within 6-8 months. However the registrar has the power to raise objections for the registration if the applied design doesn’t comply with the provisions of the act. So, if the design has complied with all eligible criteria and procedure, doesn’t objected by the registrar, we can get registered a design within 6-8 months and the registration process may extent for another 4-6 months when objection has been raised. As overall we can register a design by minimum of 4 months and max of within 2 years.

How much time it takes for Company Incorporation in India:

Company incorporation is relatively fast in India and due to technology development and government new policies; Company incorporation can be done within a week and maximum 10-15 days in case no discrepancies were found. Hence a company can get incorporated in minimum of 7 days workings days to maximum of 30 days. However Limited Liability company or Section 8 company concern takes another more time than the other companies, since there exists numerous additional steps.