Register trademark in India

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As most of you are aware, trademark is an inseparable intellectual property associated with any business. It identifies your business and differentiates you from the others, provides you a space in clustered market.

Apart from understanding what a trademark is, it is important to know how to select a right trademark for your venture.

Trademark is the most valuable asset as it is directly associated with trade and business and reflects its identity in masses. Hence it becomes necessary to select a right trademark as it is a first step of brand building.

Following are the possible examples of bad trademarks:

Full name or surname: It’s a bad idea to keep full name or your surname of yourself or an individual as a trademark. For example, use of surname ‘AGGARWAL’ for chain of restaurants. Bonafide use of a person’s surname may result in dilution of brand name, thereby causing confusion about the source or quality associated with the brand.

Descriptive words: This is a common mistake done by most of people. Generally, many people believe that a brand name must be related to the business or must describe the product or business. But it is a strict ‘No’ under trademark registration process in India; he shall try not to opt for descriptive brand name, that is, a brand name that depicts the quality, quantity or any tangible feature of any goods or product.

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