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Due to COVID 19 pandemic there has been a lot of delay in initial months with respect to prosecution of pending patent applications in India. But Intellectual property office in India has bravely and ingeniously devised a unique setup.

Now, every patent applicant or authorised patent agents can now easily schedule for online patent hearings. All you need is to email a request for hearing with details of patent applications.

This request can be made by authorised agent or applicant himself if the application on record is filed by the applicant only.

Before requesting for hearing you are required to set up a system for hearing.

Below are the technical requirements for installing a set up for patent hearing:

1) You need a functional laptop or desktop having mic set up and video camera.

2) You are required to have windows operating system

3) Google chrome

4) Good internet connection

5) InstaVC Desktop Sharing Extension

Once you have all the above things, you are good to go for placing a request for Patent hearing in India.

But, still many of the patent agents and patent applicants must be apprehensive of this process and they might have many questions like how will they explain the differences or explain their patent applications online, as it was much easier to show the papers and concepts and differences in physical hearing.

These apprehensions are there, but still patent office in India has tried to make the process really simple and more or less equivalent to physical hearing experience.

This video conferencing system is very conducive and allows the user to exchange pdfs and documents during the hearing sessions.

Generally, video conference hearings are time bound therefore it is advisable for the applicants and patent agents to be well prepared with all the explanations and arguments in writing along with PPT if any, In order to explain and narrate the points in favour of patent application.

You may have a complete access of patent hearing system through this link
In case you need any help or any clarification you may directly contact at :

This system of patent hearings through video conferencing will not only strengthen the patent system but also will increase the volume of patent application disposal effectively. This system will also be cost effective for both the applicants and the agents who are based out of the Jurisdictions. As we all are aware the disposal of patent applications initially was according to Jurisdictions where the applications were filed ranging from DELHI, MUMBAI, CHENNAI or KOLKATA, which required a travel planning and was hectic in case there exists any last minute chances.

The chances of adjournment also decreases in this system as the applicant or patent agents do not have limitation of travel, these hearings allows the agents to attend hearing from any part of the world.

Corona pandemic has brought some welcome changes even though forcefully but these were much required.

The average patent grant time in India was ranging from 4 to 7 years which was both economically and mentally tiring , but due the online filing system and also the start of online hearings, we will surely see quick grants of patents and more filings from individual inventors as well as foreign corporates.