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Trademark registration in Maldives

Trademark Registration in Maldives Company360

Many Indian companies venture into businesses not just in India but also abroad and therefore business registrations and trademark registrations abroad also becomes important. Maldives is one such country of interest for business.

Unlike, other countries Maldives do not have any specific legislation in place for recognizing trademarks formally.

Maldives have different way of certifying trademarks by way of publication of mark in newspapers.

This publication of mark in local newspaper is known as cautionary notice.

Cautionary notice publication in Maldives mean that the trademark information is distributed to public at large informing about the name, ownership and goods related to the published mark. In case no person from public objects to the published mark, the mark is considered to be a valid trademark in Maldives.

There exist no specific format for such publication; however, cautionary notice is required to specify clearly the details of the proprietor of the mark, details of mark and details of goods and services associated with the mark.

Further all such publication must be in English or Dhivehi, Dhivehi is local language of Maldives.

As there exists no specific law related to trademarks in Maldives, therefor there exists no statutory period for opposition of the trademark or renewal of trademark.

Generally, the common practice is to re-advertise the mark by way of cautionary notice in Maldives after 5 years.

It is also pertinent to note that cautionary notice although there is no law with respect to the same, shall be printed in local newspapers for at least 3 days. As it is considered that sufficient time has been given to public at large to go through the mark published and in case anyone willing to raise the objection may do so.

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