ypes of trademark protection in USA by Company360.in

The USPTO accepts applications for registration of both traditional marks as well as nontraditional and non-visual marks for collective marks and certification marks.

  1. Word Mark – All letters and words in the mark are depicted in Latin characters; all numbers in the mark are depicted in Roman or Arabic numerals, The mark only includes only common punctuation or diacritical marks and does not includes a design element.

  2. Design Mark -The image must be in the .jpg format, scanned at a resolution of 300 to 350 dots per inch, with a length and width of 250 to 944 pixels. All lines must be clean and solid and must produce a high-quality image when its copied.

  3. Color Mark – The applicant must submit substantial proof of acquired distinctiveness. Color marks are visual and should be depicted in color drawings, accompanied by

  • i) a color claim naming the color that are a feature of the mark

  • ii) a separate statement describing where the colors appears and how they are used in the mark. The generic names of the colors should be used in the color claim and location statement.