A business may start with one or two persons but when it grows you need a helping hand or say a team. Now when we talk about private limited company, it’s mandatory to register a private limited company with minimum of 2 Directors and 2 shareholders.

Now down the line every growing business needs a next supporting hand. That means, next director or shareholder is required to be added in your private limited company.

So here is the procedure about how to add or appoint director in a private limited company as per Companies Act, 2013.

Procedure for Director Appointment in Private Limited Company

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Procedure of Director Appointment in Private Limited Company

1. Apply for DSC: As the whole process remains online, so before anything, person intending to become director requires a DSC i.e. Digital Signature Certificate.

2. Apply for DIN: That’s the mandatory requirement for becoming director in a company. A person must have a DIN i.e. Director Identification Number to become a director in company and for the same DIR – 3 is filed online to obtain the DIN for a person.

3. Documentation Preparation: There are certain documents that are required to prepare for appointment of director. The Documents are as follows:

  • Take Consent/Approval of the person who is to be appointed as a Director of the company in prescribed format.
  • Notice to Call for Board Meeting with Explanatory Statement.
  • Resolution to be passed in the meeting for appointment of director.
  • Appointment letter to be issued by company to director for its appointment.

4. Filing of Form DIR-12 at ROC: File E-Form DIR-12 with ROC along with above mentioned documents such as consent/ Approval letter, DIR-2 and notice and certified true copy of resolution of Meeting.

5. The Form is than filled with ROC within 30 days of appointment of Director.

Thereafter you can check signatory details at MCA portal, the names of all directors will be displayed over there.

Procedure for Director Appointment in Private Limited Company

image source : https://www.batalas.com

Documents Required for Director Appointment in Private Limited Company

Documents required for applying DSC of Director:

  1. Self- attested copy of PAN card of proposed Director.
  2. Self- attested copy of any I.D. proof of proposed Director.(ID proof should display address also)
  3. Photograph of proposed director.

Documents required for appointment of DIN:

  1. Self-Attested PAN Card copy.
  2. Photograph
  3. Self-attested Address proof(for Address proof utility bill, bank statement, house tax receipts, rent agreement with NOC etc. are applicable)

Apart from above documents, there is also some information related to proposed Directors that are required such as their qualification, occupation etc. Then using DSC of director and DSC of professional, DIN is applied after paying the prescribed fees. DIN is allotted to the person at the same time subject to some conditions.

Documents required for appointment of DIR-12 (Appointment of Director)

  1. DIR-2 (Prescribed format)
  2. Consent to act as director

The above form DIR-12 is filed online with above two documents. DIR -12 is filed online which required DSC of any existing director and a prescribed professional DSC.