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As we all know now Indian Trademark Office has gone paperless as everything from filing to registration certificate has become online. A person sitting at home can easily obtain a Trademark Registration.

In this article, we will provide you steps for downloading the Trademark Registration certificate.

As we all know once your trademark is accepted and Advertised in Trademark Journal it is open for the opposition by 3rd party for 4 months and after once this time is elapsed your trademark is registered and you have generated a trademark Registration certificate online. For downloading your Trademark certificate the following steps to be followed:

Step 1:

Open the E-Register Main page, enter your application number and enter the code shown in image but remember you should always have the correct application number for your trademark to download your certificate.


Once you have completed step 1 your trademark application will be opened and you can see your status changed to Registered and once the status reflects registered you can scroll the page to the end and there will be an option of uploaded document you can click on that and there will be various uploaded documents one of which will be by name of Certificate click on that and download it.

Even you can go for the short cut once you open your Trademark application on the right-hand side you will see three options one of which will be “VIEW REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE” just click on the same and download your Trademark Registration Certificate.

REMEMBER: That the document downloaded by you from the online site of the Trademark registry is not for legal use i.e. you cannot use it in a court of law as Evidence. As on the Trademark site, it is specified NOT FOR LEGAL USE. In case you want to present the Registration certificate as evidence you need to acquire the certified copy from the Trademark office by making an online application to the Trademark office in form type TM-M with the requisite fees.