How to stop fake mapping and listing on Amazon

Many sellers try really hard to build a long lasting brand on amazons by selling good quality products on amazon but the more you are selling on amazon the more you are visible to your competitors as well, who will simply try to spoil your name by making your copycat type store for their products on amazon, they will create fake impressions by using your product photos and your listing details in manner that the customer may get confuse and think that it is your listing by doing such activities they not just take away your business but also may have negative impact on your brand.

The most common way to creating these fake listing is simply using your product photos and creating a duplicate listing but you have one brilliant way to stop this you can protect your product images as well as design by filing a design patent in India, Design patent is a unique type of patent protection that is given by government to products having innovative designs.

Basically, design patent means a patent which protects how your product looks, for example, let say you are selling kids spoon, but the spoon that you are selling online on amazon has a unique design and look and is a hot seller product, copycats may try to make or replicate same design and may free ride over your innovation, but you can save yourself by filing for design patent in India before launching your product on amazon.

You need to provide all side pictures of your products , as explained earlier – you need to provide how your spoon looks like from all directions and can protect the same under design patent.

Once your design patent application is filed, you can now start selling your product online and save it from copycats. But always remember one thing you need to file for design patent before listing your product online, you should not publish your product images or design before filing a design patent in any manner or any place or even amazon before getting a design patent.

As your design patent is filed, you have legal right to sue anyone who copies your spoon design and even amazon will help you to block listing of copycats and duplicate sellers of your products.
Design patent is easy to file and can be filed for any two dimensional and three dimensional products, you can get a design patent for bottle, lunch box, bed-sheets, purses, shirts, tops and sarees.