IPAB ABOLISHED Ordinance 2021

IPAB ABOLISHED Ordinance 2021 / आईपीएबी ने रद्द किया अध्यादेश 2021 / Company360

IPAB means Intellectual property appellate board, which was Tribunal established for taking care of disputes related to intellectual property matters mainly trademarks, patents, copyright etc. The tribunal was established to cater the matters specifically related to IPR disputes so that parties may seek quick relief in such cases, without having the need to approach district court or High court, the tribunal had appointment of scientific advisors and technical members specialised to deal with matters related to IPR, however now parties having disputes related to intellectual property now have only gateway that is to approach High court.

The President has finally given his assent to the Tribunals Reforms (rationalisation of service) Ordinance 2021 on April 4th 2021.

With this, the IPAB stands dissolved with effect from April 4, 2021. All matters would now have to be transferred to the respective High Courts. Additionally, the Ordinance does not provide any sunset period. Therefore this takes immediate effect.

Hence in case any of your matters are pending before the IPAB, please do take steps to have them trasnferred to the High Court.

This is a sad development as IPAB was quite effective in passing orders – now we have to rush to High Court.
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