Patent registration in India

Patent is an exclusive rights given to the patentee for disclosure of his invention. The exclusive rights were right to exploit the invention commercially and free from any disturbance, he also has the right to sue for any infringement. Without patent an invention can’t be protected under the law, it is important to patent an invention and there is a certain process in order to get patented.

In India every process starts with an application, similarly Patent registration starts by filing an application either in patent office or through online portals. And the important document which required with an application is either complete or provisional specification about the invention how it works and its mechanism. The complete specification is about having all necessary details about the invention. The provisional specification contains certain contents about the invention and a proof that the inventor is working on an invention needs time to complete the invention, so as to fix the prior date such specification were submitted. The time will be 12 months from the date of provisional application need to submit the complete specification or else the application deemed to be abandoned. But a patent can be achieved even without provisional specification however complete specification is must for a patent to be granted.