What is trademark journal

Trademark Journal is a weekly update about the Trademarks that are accepted and advertised by the Trademark registry. This journal is publicly available and is published weekly by the Trademark registry on their website www.ipindia.nic.in.

Trademark Journal plays an important role in entire Trademark registration process, as may of the timelines depends upon the date of the publication of mark in a Trademark journal.

One such crucial deadline is the deadline to file the Trademark opposition against any mark that is accepted and advertised in the Trademark Journal.

The second deadline is the issuance of registration of Trademark certificate, the Trademark registration certificate is generally generated online upon expiry of period of 4 months from the date of publication of mark in the Trademark Journal.

Trademark Journal is also an important tool that provides an information about recently accepted marks that may be infringing upon the rights of the existing trademarks.

This exercise of finding infringing marks is generally carried out by going through the trademark journals published, which contains almost all the crucial details about the marks such as the mark logo (if any), goods description, applicant name etc.

In case any company wants to track about the infringing marks, trademark journal comes out as an easy source.

All registered trademark user must perform a regular Trademark journal scan in order to stop any other mark that may potentially free ride over the goodwill of their marks.

This prevents a major adverse effect known as brand dilution of the registered marks.

Hence, trademark journal is not just a piece of information but is a vital tool for Trademark watch and brand protection.