Conundrum Of Distinctiveness in Trademark by

At company360, we come across many clients daily, where their first question is how to get a Trademark quickly, as more and more businesses a selling online on various platforms they need trademark registration in India, in order to become a registered seller of that brand on amazon, All these online websites gives very special rights and protection to the owner of the a Registered Trademark.

Amazon allows to register your Trademark at brand registry only when it is registered, which means that you need a Trademark registration quickly, now the main question arise, is it even possible where you can short cut the time for Registration of Trademark in India. The answer is yes you can, all you need is to be very mindful while opting for the name you want to register on Trademark.

As company360 has been in the field of Trademark registration long enough, we can give away few golden rules to you guys on How to get your trademark registered quickly.

1) ALWAYS SELECT UNIQUE NAMES: by unique names we mean you must not opt for names that describes your products and services, for example if you are an online seller selling tea, do not name your tea as CHAI BAR, CHA BAR, CHAI HOME etc, as these names are descriptive and surely will get objected, In case you want that your Trademark gets quickly accepted, opt for COINED words and words which do not have any meaning. For, example famous brands like SWIGGY, GOOGLE, ZOMATO have no meaning these brands are coined terms. Coined terms have very rare chance of getting objected. And, we all know that in case we are able to avoid Trademark objection, we can surely get our Trademark registered quickly.

2) DO VERY DILIGENT TRADEMARK SEARCH: The most common mistake people do is to conduct a straight trademark search, which means they simply put name is trademark search bar and check it is available or not, this is surely a very wrong way of doing search. One must always break their proposed Trademark name into parts and make sure they conduct the search part by part. Suppose you want to name your Trademark as FIRST RAY in class 18 , you must search all the marks that have words starting from prefix FIRST and also all words that may contain word RAY. You must avoid words that generate long list of marks similar to your mark.

3) APPLY YOUR MIND FOR MARKS THAT RESULTS NO SEARCH RESULT: This is little tricky situation, this means how to negate all the chances of receiving Trademark objection, now that you have finalized the Trademark, divide your mark into two parts, if your mark comprises of five letter suppose, opt for initial 3 letters and conduct a swift Trademark search, if the search results in many marks avoid that Trademark as it will have chances of getting objected and which may in turn delay your trademark registration, always chose for the mark that do not result in any of the long mark list even when you conduct a search by dividing the mark in to two parts.

And now once you have a mark that is short, coined, have no dictionary meaning, results no similar mark even upon conducting a trademark search by dividing the mark, there are very good chances that you may successfully avoid the trademark objection and reduce your time for trademark registration in India and may launch a very good brand store on AMAZON OR FLIPKART.

By doing this you are not just able to secure the brand name but you will be able to get advantage to cutting your competition down on these online platforms as they really give extra protection to all the brand names that are registered trademark on their platform.

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